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Last Call? Knicks Target Donovan Mitchell Labeled ‘Former Player’ in Utah

Did the Jazz's team store push Donovan Mitchell further east?

The latest drip of NBA offseason gossip may come not from the airwaves of ESPN or the social data of Twitter ... but rather a clothes hanger in Salt Lake City.

Another chapter of the Donovan Mitchell summer saga has apparently been written by the staff of the Utah Jazz's official team store: in a photo shared by Sam Farnsworth of KSL 5 TV (Salt Lake's NBA affiliate), a rack of discounted jerseys at an outdoor sale features Mitchell replica jerseys on sale for $30, the price so low due to his status as a "former player."

While Mitchell's name isn't seen, he's easily the most famous No. 45 in Jazz history. As Utah inches toward a full-on rebuild following their third first-round exit in the last four seasons, the three-time All-Star's future has been a major talking point. The New York Knicks have been a focal point of the conversation, with many theorizing that the Empire State native Mitchell would be a perfect fit at Madison Square Garden. It's been an exciting offseason in Manhattan as is, with the Knicks signing Jalen Brunson with a $104 million deal in a move that hints at a desire to immediately re-enter Eastern Conference relevancy. 

While the Knicks always knew they had competition in the Mitchell sweepstakes, this wardrobe malfunction is perhaps the clearest sign of Utah's intentions. Mitchell's current employers have been coy about his status, reportedly alternating between keeping him for the rebuild and speaking with suitors. The reported price would be hefty, but the Knicks are undoubtedly intrigued by the fact that official Utah employees believe that his days in dark blue, yellow, and white are numbered. 

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