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Kanter spent the past week attacking James over his stance to continue doing business with Nike, where a lot of their sneakers are made in forced labor camps, especially amongst their Muslim community, the Uyghurs.

Following the loss to the Celtics last Friday, James was asked by a reporter on his response to what Kanter has been chiding him with all week. The King did not hold back and accused Kanter of using his likeness to get his name out there. He also mentioned how he saw Kanter in the tunnel, but the Turkish center simply walked past him.

On Sunday, Kanter, wearing a ‘Taiwan is not China’ t-shirt, went on CNN to dispute James’ claims on how he walked past James without confronting him with the issues’ Kanter has raised.

The juiciest part of this interview happened when Kanter claims that some of LeBron’s teammates in the past say that James comments on social justice topics are all a publicity stunt, just to promote his own likeness to the American society.

At this point, who knows what Kanter is saying is the truth or not. Just don’t be surprised if this is not the last time we hear of their beef in the public.