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When he's at his peak, Anthony Davis can help power a team to a NBA championship. But this past season was a reminder of what life is like when Davis is living in the valley. He missed more games than he played and when he was on the court, didn't have the same impact as top-tier AD.

Lakers fans and basketball Twitter have been harsh critics of Davis over the last few months. This week, former NBA MVP Kevin Garnett went off about AD not playing to his potential this past season in a recent episode of his show KG Certified

"Bro, get lost, go to Hawaii somewhere. Straight up and down. When you come into camp, come into camp in better shape than anybody and everybody. That's what you should be focused on. You should go for the MVP for the 2022-23 season, but that's my O.G. advice to AD."

Garnett highlighted how it should be Davis, not 37-year-old LeBron James, carrying the load for the Lakers.

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"If he not doing that, it's his turn to carry the torch. Bron and I carried the [expletive] for a whole decade and some. It's the only reason he came to LA right?"

KG didn't stop there. He ripped Davis for admitting in early May that he hadn't shot a basketball in two months. 

"Kill me bro. He said he ain't touched the rock? not even touch the rock, go back and watch your self and be real with yourself. Watch it by yourself. Go in the lab and get your [expletive] right. There's no way he's probably not top ten, top five in this game. C'mon man, that's all I'm gonna say because I'm gonna start getting heat, I feel myself sweating already."

On the surface, Davis put up strong numbers in the 40 games he played (23.2 PPG/9.9 RPG /2.3 BPG), but his poor three-point shooting 18.6% and putting on weight before the season hampered his ability to play at the superstar level he displayed in his first season in LA.

If Davis takes Garnett's advice and his MVP challenge to heart, a world exists where the Lakers are contenders again.

If not, they'll be back in the valley, scrapping to even make the playoffs, let alone contend.