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The NBA has made a strong effort to honor the passing of Celtics great and NBA legend Bill Russell. Russell passed away earlier this month, and as part of a tribute to the 11-time NBA champion, the league announced that his No. 6 will be retired leaguewide. Players that currently wear No 6., like Lakers superstar LeBron James, will still be allowed to wear the number, but no new players will ever wear No.6. 

But that's not all. 

In an official statement, the league announced that all players will wear a commemorative patch on their jerseys and each NBA court will have a clover-shaped logo featuring the No.6 near the scorer's table.

Meaning, even the Boston Celtics blood rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, will have a green No. 6 clover on the court at Arena. 

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Despite Russell's place in history as a NBA icon and civil rights activist, the idea of a Celtics clover on the Lakers court doesn't sit well with some fans, nor pundit Mike Guardabascio of Volume Sports.

Guardabascio noted that he has "immense respect" for Russell, put pushed back on featuring a Celtics logo on the Lakers home court (quotes via The Jenkins & Jonez Podcast). 

"They absolutely should put it on the Lakers court, but it should be in a black circle or something. You can not put a green f------ clover on the Lakers court for any reason for any person. If Jesus Christ himself appeared and said, 'I'll fix everything if you just put a green clover on the Lakers court', I can't do it."

Guardabascio was asked for his initial reaction to hearing the news of the leaguewide on-court tribute.

"I gagged. I physically gagged."

The take probably resonates with plenty of Lakers fans, but it's high improbable that the Buss family is willing to kick up a media firestorm by lobbying for exemption from including the green No.6 clover.