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It's been just over 5 months since Russell Westbrook was dealt from the Washington Wizards to the Lakers. Back in August, Los Angeles dealt Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma, and Montrezl Harrell to the East Coast in order to land Russ and create their own Big Three. 

The initial hope was that Russ could provide support in the event that LeBron James or Anthony Davis were unable to play. Over the last few seasons, both guys have seen their share of injuries and the Lakers have suffered from it. 

So when LeBron went down with an injury early in the season, Russ stepped up. The Lakers struggled, but he provided a whole lot of support and helped them maintain. But with Anthony Davis out, Russ has struggled big time. 

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That has culminated in him shooting 4-26 in his last 2 games played, which put Lakers fans in an uproar. But despite all of the struggles and criticism, Russ doesn't seem to have any regrets about coming out west. He had this to say when asked by The Athletic's Sam Amick if he had regrets:

"No. Nah. I mean, not at all, because—like I told you—it's bigger than basketball for me."

Lakers fans might feel a different way at the moment. With his incredibly high-paying contract and poor shooting performances, fans in Los Angeles have been relentless online in their criticisms. 

But he's here to stay. The chances of the Lakers moving him at the deadline are slim at best, especially with the contract that he has. But fans know what he can do when he's at his best, and they're going to need that. Especially if they want any real shot at a title this year.