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With every Lakers loss, Frank Vogel likely gets one step closer to being without a job. That seems to be the case as the franchise seems to be growing tired of the team losing games, especially at this point in the season.

With reporters last week that upper management has become more and more involved, you can bet Vogel is on the hot seat. The Lakers are now 23-24 and fighting to hold onto the 8th seed in the Western Conference. To put it simply, it's ugly. 

But the good news is Anthony Davis should return very soon. There was a chance he was going to play on Sunday against the Heat, but the Lakers decided to give him some more time. LeBron James spoke about his return and what it would mean, but also highlighted the need to keep him healthy.

“One of our biggest guns that we have and having him on the floor creates so much for us offensively and defensively. We’re able to do so much more, but his health is what’s most important. Once we know that he’s healthy and he knows that he’s healthy, we’ll get him back on the floor and start getting his wind and his rhythm.”

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Unfortuantely for Vogel, his future probably rides on the health and return of AD. Because without him, the Lakers don't stand much of a chance of making a strong playoff push. 

But the good news is that he does not seem to be rushing Davis back out of fear. The Lakers want to take their time with him and ensure he is healthy. One more serious injury this year could easily end his season, and that would be it for Los Angeles. 

When he does return, AD will add a lot of things that the Lakers have been missing. His defense and ability to fill up lanes should play up drastically, especially if his jump shot improves when he's healthy. 

There is still hope for Vogel and the Lakers, but the clock is ticking.