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Lakers: Patrick Beverley Blames Uneven LA Tenure On "Inconsistent Vibes"

The guard shared on his podcast the reason why the Lakers did not win more games.

Former Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley recently discussed the dynamic of his most recent team, at least during his limited tenure with the franchise.

Beverley was initially traded to LA in August by the Uta Jazz, in exchange for Stanley Johnson and Talen Horton-Tucker. Just six months later, Beverley has been sent to the Orlando Magic in a four-team trade involving the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets, which netted the Lakers reserve big man Mo Bamba. The vet was ultimately waived after he and the Magic agreed to a contract buyout three days after he signed with them.

Since departing from the Lakers, Beverley took the time on his podcast, the Pat Bev Podcast, to give insight as to why the Lakers did not win more games.

"It wasn't basketball. It was other sh*t but other sh*t that you couldn't point out… The vibes were sometimes on, sometimes off. Inconsistent vibes leads to inconsistent play."

Beverley is a player known for his tough and aggressive style of play, although he did not bring it as much as fans wanted him to during his time with the Lakers. While in LA, he averaged 6.4 points, 2.6 assists, and 3.1 rebounds.

The Lakers have been below .500 for the majority of the season and currently sit towards the bottom of the Western Conference. It is no secret that the team has struggled and Beverley's comments raise questions about the team’s leadership. Could the off vibes that Beverley alluded to implicitly state that there are deeper issues within the organization? 

Beverley did not go into detail about the issues whether his statements were directed to a certain player, the coaching staff, or even the front office.

Regardless of who or what Beverley was referring to, his comments certainly threw some shade at the team’s culture. Any successful team in NBA creates a strong sense of unity and executes its goals well on the floor, but the Lakers have not been able to live up to those expectations just yet.

The Lakers will have to work through any challenges to result in more consistent play and winning results. The team has made significant changes this month already, bringing in new players in an effort to build a stronger team. The Purple and gold will work towards their common goal while making sure the good vibes are always on 10. 

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