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Class Act: Dallas Mavs Show Appreciation for Waived Tyrell Terry

The Dallas Mavericks recently cut guard Tyrell Terry. Over the weekend the franchise expressed their gratitude in a tweet.

DALLAS - "If this is the worst thing that will ever happen to me, then I've lived a pretty good life," Tony Romo told reporters in 2008 following a 38-point beatdown from the Philadelphia Eagles, which erased the Dallas Cowboys postseason chances. 

Now more than ever, mental health concerns are treated with the proper respect. Romo was bashed for his bib-picture view on how to stay balanced; A decade-and-a-half later, fellow Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is celebrated when he admits to a bout with depression following the death of his brother.

The Dallas Mavericks have shown sensitivity in this regard to the personal business of young Tyrell Terry. It is apparent there are issues here for the guard, who again spent time away from the team during the preseason.

Although Terry played a mere 11 games last season, some in the fanbase have a soft spot for the yet-to-blossom professional ballplayer. For a franchise lacking prospects, Terry existed as a chance for Dallas to groom a kid with a chance.

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But here, real-life issues take precedent over the game of basketball, as they should. 

During media day, the 20-year-old guard revealed why he missed time last season.

Then came his release, and now, in an admirable showcase of appreciation, the Dallas Mavericks tweeted, "Family for life. Thank you, Tyrell Terry". 

During one media day interview, Terry said team owner Mark Cuban and the rest of the franchise showed support in his journey last season. It's an advancement in the way we all think that the support continues on.