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Mavs ‘Win-Win’ Scenario: Josh Green as Mainstay or NBA Trade Bait?

Following Josh Green's recent uptick in performance, would it make sense for the Dallas Mavericks to capitalize on his increased trade value?

Josh Green's on-court contributions for the Dallas Mavericks are as high as they’ve ever been. As a result of that, his trade value has likely also reached a high point.

The Mavs, who are short of trade assets due to the Kristaps Porzingis trade from three years ago, could cash in early on Green's recent surge with the NBA trade deadline coming up one month from today… but should they?

Averaging only 17 minutes per contest in the last three games, the second-year guard put up 11.7 points on 89.1 true shooting. Adding a young, athletic player with a knack for finishing alley-oops and playing good defense would be appealing for a rebuilding team. 

While scoring certainly makes the big bucks, Green's passing also enhances the Mavs' chances of obtaining something worthwhile in return. When the Mavericks drafted the Arizona alum, draft experts listed his elite athleticism as a strength.

Splicing his vision and ability to run the break not only makes for quite the entertaining combination, but it also probably brings a smile to the faces of his head coach Jason Kidd and superstar teammate Luka Doncic, who are no strangers to flashy passing.

“I feel like I was able to find a groove and [I’m just] trying to build off that and just continue to grow as a player," Green stated following his career-high 18-point performance over the Eastern Conference-leading Bulls

As Green strives to build on what he’s accomplished in this recent stretch, Dallas has a chance to strike while the iron hot and sell high on him if they wish to do so. Such a move is something the Mavericks have done in the past.

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Although Green has shown that he can contribute at a high level in regular season spurts, obtaining a more consistent veteran for his spot on the roster might push the Mavs’ playoff-contending ceiling a little higher than it is right now.

An experienced player like Eric Gordon comes to mind. Although more would need to be added to the trade package due to the disparity in contract amounts, Gordon could be viewed as an upgrade for this current Mavs roster, as he’s averaging 14 points per game and shooting nearly 44 percent from deep this season for the Houston Rockets.

Gordon wouldn’t be a long-term fix, as he’s 33 years old and has an extensive injury history, so although something like this could help Dallas out short term, it might end up biting them later down the road. 

A three-game stretch of great play from Green, although encouraging, isn't exactly a legitimate track record for what to expect in the long-term. But on the flip side of that, it could be, if we want to be optimistic about it, and that’s what makes NBA trades so hard to put together.

Nonetheless, the Mavs now have a young, trade-worthy commodity in an otherwise bare cabinet of assets. They also have a young player who has gained confidence and shown that he has the ability to contribute against tough opponents.

Will the Mavericks' front office look to deal Green while he’s hot, or do they envision the guard blossoming into something more beneficial to the team's success?

We’ve only got about 30 more days before we find out, but either way, it could be a win-win situation for Dallas.