Dallas Mavs Talk: Time For ‘Soul-Searching’

Mavs Talk: Mavericks Need ‘Soul-Searching’ After 121-107 Defeat Says Rick Carlisle
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On Sunday night, the Dallas Mavericks’ struggles continued. Dallas fell 121-107 at home to the struggling Sacramento Kings, who'd lost their previous nine games.

This was a disastrous start for Dallas, which missed 11 of their first 12 shots and fell into a quick 20-8 hole.

Rick Carlisle addressed the Mavs’ recent string of failures (losing four of the last five games):

“There’s been some soul-searching over the last five games; we’ve talked about some things… Of course there’s concern,” he said. “But I think this game brings the issues into a sharper focus. We’ve got to get ourselves back on track just from a process standpoint.”

Statistically, Mavericks star Luka Doncic had a fantastic game, particularly during the fourth quarter when he scored 23 points. Doncic finished with 37 points and eight rebounds.

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Now let's hear Mavs talk:

Carlisle on the first half’s lack of energy and urgency:

“We've got to reach down and do a hell of a lot better. Every game must be treated as a playoff game. All of these teams are playing their butts off. Even teams that are out of it are going to be playing hard.”

Carlisle about the process of winning:

“Forget about wins and losses. We’ve got to win games, that’s our job, but the process of how we do it is really important. And that’s hard physical and mental disposition to start the game. And really it’s both ends of the floor.”

Doncic on the lack of energy:

“I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. All I know is it’s got to start with me. I’ve got to do way better, keeping guys motivated. It starts with me.”

Doncic on the slow start to the game:

“We didn’t come out hard. That’s what happens a couple of games now. Me being the first guy, I’ve got to do way better. We’ve got to play way harder. I’ve got to play way harder. It starts with me, so I’ve got to do way better.”

Dorian Finney-Smith on getting back on track:

“Yeah, as a team we’ve just got to ask ourselves that. It’s time for us to look in the mirror.”

On Wednesday night, the Mavericks (30-26) will face the Detroit Pistons (17-40) and get another chance to turn the tide. The home game is scheduled to begin at 7:30 CT.

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