Luka Doncic Picks His No. 1 NBA All-Star Game Celebrity Sighting

Mike Fisher

President Barack Obama? NBA legend Michael Jordan? Entertainment icon Bill Murray?All cool to Dallas Mavericks youngster Luka Doncic. But his No. 1 celebrity sighting while starting Sunday's NBA All-Star Game in Chicago?

"Cardi B,'' the 20-year-old Luka said.

When Doncic first arrived in Dallas via an NBA Draft trade, he has some precocious fun mentioning that his dream date was Jennifer Aniston. But that was before Sunday, when he played 17 minutes for the winning Team LeBron - finishing with eight points on 3-of-6 shooting, along with two triples, one rebound, four assists and a steal - but then spent plenty of time on the bench gazing into the celebrity-studded audience. (See Mavs Donuts for a full review.)

Luka made note of the fact that being part of a starting lineup made up of "the five best players (in the world)'' is a particular thrill. All in all, he was sort of in the "Happy-To-Be-Here Club,'' knowing full well that someday this game will be even more of a showcase for his talents, which have him on a near-triple-double nightly pace for his 33-22 Mavs, who are currently in seventh place in the West.

But yes, it's fair to say that while Doncic on a couple of occasions over the weekend tried to dismiss the idea that he was starstruck, well ... how could he not have been.

The sessions with the likes of President Obama? NBA legend Jordan and funnyman Murray came earlier in the weekend. But the rapper Cardi B? If you are a 20-year-old basketball player from Slovenia, that is apparently about as good as it gets.

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This is the first time I've ever question what Luka has said. He can't be serious here

No. 1-3

Keep in mind that his girlfriend, who went with him to Chicago, is a lingerie model in Slovenia.


5Aniston is like 10-15 years older than Luka's mom.