Mrs. Beal & Wiz Thinking Trade; Meaning For Mavs?

Bradley Beal’s Wife ‘Sick of It’ in Washington; What Does this Mean for the Dallas Mavericks?
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On Wednesday, the Washington Wizards dropped their third straight game, falling to 3-11 (last in the Eastern Conference). None of these losses could be attributed to the play of Bradley Beal, who had 47 points.

Following the game, Beal’s wife Kamiah added to the fire by tweeting out her frustrations for her husband:

Beal is averaging a ridiculous 35.4 points per game this season along with 4.9 assist and 5.3 rebounds. The pairing of Beal and Russell Westbrook hasn’t quite worked out, and trade rumors have started to circulate around the media.

When asked if he feels frustrated with the team, Beal responded with a quite clever answer:

With Beal and his wife leaning towards leaving Washington, could Dallas be a potential home for the All-Star?

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For the Mavericks, the objective is quite simple. Pair up Beal with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis in the loaded Western Conference. This doesn’t mean it won’t come at a high price, but a trade will surely make the Mavs immediate championship contenders.

On Friday, the Wizards came out saying that they won’t trade Beal to a place he’s not comfortable with. Here’s the full message:

"The front office vowed not to ship him anywhere he doesn’t want to go when he signed his extension in 2019, per a source, and they intend to honor that verbal agreement."

The Mavericks currently sit at 8-10 on the season and will look to turn things around on Friday night facing the streaking Utah Jazz (won last 10).

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Dallas could turn things around a lot faster with Beal on this roster. The problem: If it takes Porzingis as the trade piece to accomplish it, are the Mavs any more than incrementally better?

In any event ... the Wizards seem to be thinking about a change. And Mrs. Beal is beyond just thinking about it.