Disney Distractions: Who's Mavs 'Fun Bunch' In Orlando?


DALLAS - Can you imagine trying to focus on work while staying at Disney World in Orlando, Florida? The nightly fireworks, exhilarating roller coasters and prime entertainment will be just a stone's throw away from the Dallas Mavericks when the NBA resumes its season. The Disney World Resort reopens on July 11 and the tickets sold out within 30 minutes. 

All 22 teams participating in the NBA’s restart will report to Disney World and start to check into their hotels on July 7. (The Mavs move in on July 8 to the Grand Floridian. Wanna look inside? C'mon in!)

The ultimate goal, of course, is for the Mavs to battle through the regular-season "seeding games'' schedule (see here) and fight for the distinct honor of earning the 2020 NBA Championship title. The NBPA has made it clear that it is against the rules for NBA players and visiting family members to join others who are visiting the Disney resort during the summer. Family members are allowed to join the "bubble" following the first round of the playoffs. 

But just for fun, which Dallas player earns the title, "Most likely to be distracted at Disney"? We discuss in the video above. 

My vote is for J.J. Barea. Although the veteran guard has proved his focus in the playoffs, his three children could the wild cards that could distract at the 'most magical place on earth. 

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Sports Illustrated reporter Mike Fisher selected Boban Marjanovic, who has already talked about how fun Disney World is. 

Luka Doncic was Sports Illustrated reporter Richie Whitt's pick because he thinks it'll be his first time - and an eye-opening time for young fella. 

Want to know more about the bubble the Mavs will enter in Orlando? Players are not permitted to enter each other’s hotel rooms due to infection concerns. If a player leaves the Orlando "bubble" without permission, that player will face a 10-to-14 day quarantine, more testing and reduced compensation for games missed.

However, the “bubble” could be worse … Players can attend other NBA games being played. In the Mavs new home, they will have access to a players-only lounge, pools, barbers, nail technicians, movie screenings, video games, ping-pong, and lawn games. Disney chefs will prepare daily meals and there will also be a room service option… At their own expense, a player is allowed to hire a personal chef to send foot into the NBA campus.

The 'NBA Restart' at Disney World in Orlando is bound to provide (needed) entertainment to sports fans... Let's just hope the Disney magic doesn't distract the Dallas team.