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NBA EXCLUSIVE: Mavs’ Cuban Speaks On Potential Smith Jr. Reunion

Last week, former Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. told that he was interested in making a return to his old team, and this week, Cuban tells us there could be interest on the Mavs’ end as well.

Last week, former Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. told that he was interested in making a return to his old team. But the real question after that was, what would the Mavs’ interest level be in a Smith Jr. comeback?

“We don’t have (any open) roster spots yet,” Cuban tells when asked about potentially bringing Smith Jr. back. “But if that changes, it's a conversation to have.”

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‘Yet’ is the most interesting part of that statement, as we know the Mavs are interested in Bulls’ stretch-big Lauri Markkanen. Dallas’ most viable way of acquiring Markkanen would be through sign-and-trade, though, and with Chicago also wanting a first round pick as well as not having to take on any salary dumps, any traction with the Mavs might have to involve a third team with multiple players being moved.

If that happens, and the Mavs end up with an open roster spot or two, then a Mavs-DSJ reunion might become more a reality. Especially if the Mavs’ pursuit of Goran Dragic doesn’t pan out.

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Smith Jr. is still close with a handful of players on the Mavs’ roster, including Luka Doncic and Dorian Finney-Smith. One could argue that the makeup of this current Dallas team fits Smith Jr. more than it did in his previous stint, given that he wouldn’t have the pressure of being the team’s second-best player this time around.

The 23-year old athletic guard could potentially flourish in a low-pressure reserve role, possibly even more so than reserve guard Trey Burke did last season.

Only time will tell if this reunion can materialize, but for now, we know that both sides are on at least on each other’s radars.