NBA Trade Talk: Mavs Won’t See Blake Griffin; Drummond On Hold

Drummond and Griffin are on the market. Meanwhile, a Luka Doncic-led Mavs team could be seeking help leading up to the NBA trade deadline of March 25.
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DALLAS - Blake Griffin wants out of Detroit so the Pistons have agreed to bench him pending a trade - meaning Detroit will be without one of its big-name players when the Pistons play at the Mavs on Wednesday.

Griffin, 31, is now in the same circumstances as Andre Drummond, who is trying to work his way out of Cleveland. Unsubstantiated rumors have connected Dallas to the center.

We are still of the opinion, as we have written numerous times before, that Drummond, still a powerful rebounder, coming to the Mavs on the cheap might be a way for Dallas to help with a weakness. 

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The Pistons’ issues with trading Griffin are about injuries, about the fact he is owed $36.6 million this season and $39 million next, and about numbers that have shriveled to career-lows of 12.3 points and 5.2 rebounds per game.

“I am grateful to the Pistons for understanding what I want to accomplish in my career and for working together on the best path forward,” Griffin said in a statement to ESPN.

Drummond’s Cavs are going nowhere at 10-18. The Pistons are 8-19 and will play at the AAC on Wednesday against a Luka Doncic-led Mavs team that is 13-15 could be seeking help leading up to the NBA trade deadline of March 25.

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