Rick Carlisle Praises ‘Stay Ready’ Trey Burke For Impressive Recent Play

Trey Burke has provided timely contributions for the Dallas Mavericks off-the-bench lately. Rick Carlisle has taken notice of his strong play.
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DALLAS - During the Dallas Mavericks' 115-110 win over the Detroit Pistons, Trey Burke provided a needed 15 points off-the-bench. This came on a night when Luka Doncic was sidelined and Kristaps Porzingis was ruled out mid-game. 

Burke's strong outing against the Pistons is part of a larger three-game stretch of helpful contributions. He's averaging 14 points while going 42.9% from the floor and 50% from deep during this stretch. 

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Despite falling out of the Mavericks' rotation, Burke has stayed ready for when his number was called. Rick Carlisle took notice of his preparation and appreciates the strong voice he brings to the team's locker room even when he doesn't receive minutes.

“He’s a guy seven-eight years into his career that’s experienced adversities at different times and in different sort of situations,” Carlisle said. “He’s learned that it’s a stay-ready business.

“One of the things I love most about him is he’s always a positive upbeat guy whether he’s playing or not. He’s a strong voice in the locker room, he’s all about the right stuff.”

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Burke provided double-figure scoring against the Kings and Pistons but also embraced the tough defensive assignment of pressuring Stephen Curry against the Warriors. 

“He played terrific in Sacramento, and then basically validated it in a big way – not necessarily with gaudy scoring or anything like that — but just the defensive effort chasing Stephen Curry around,” Carlisle said. “It’s hard to describe how difficult a job that is, but he busted his butt and he’s obviously proven that he’s ready.”

The Mavericks have needed a spark off-the-bench lately and Trey Burke has provided timely contributions on both ends. His hunger to prove himself has translated to legitimate results. 

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