Can the Brooklyn Nets Realistically Move Ben Simmons?

Rumors linking the 27-year-old to a potential trade have begun circling.
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With news of the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets recently engaging in discussions surrounding a Miles Bridges-Ben Simmons swap, the potential idea continues to heat up.

While the idea of swapping Simmons' egregious contract for Bridges' $8 million deal sounds too good to be true, unfortunately the trade can no longer take place as Bridges is set to enter unrestricted free agency.

Should the Nets deal Simmons, the trade would be more complicated than suggested on the surface level. Thankfully, his 15% trade kicker was voided in the original deal that brought him to Brooklyn, yet he still accounts for 28.61% of the franchise's cap space.

That leaves the Nets with only a handful of teams who would be willing to sacrifice nearly 30% of their cap room, specifically those who are not currently in position to compete. While the rumored discussion centered around a straight swap of Simmons and Bridges, it's hard to imagine Brooklyn was not forced to give up a draft pick or two in hopes of moving the massive contract.

Teams like the Washington Wizards, Chicago Bulls and Portland Trailblazers could all be likely suitors, but it may end up costing the Nets more of their future to get off of Simmons, who is only collecting Brooklyn paychecks for one more season. His contract expires at the conclusion of the 2024-25 season, relieving the Nets' books from what ultimately was a disaster trade for both Brooklyn and the Philadelphia 76ers.

If Simmons ultimately is dealt, it will likely happen during this year's NBA Draft, which begins Wednesday June 26 at the Barclays Center.

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