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Cameron Johnson is back in the active Nets roster after suffering an ankle injury in the March 5 game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The former North Carolina Tar Heel returned against the Orlando Magic, where he looked sharp, scoring 13 points.

Unfortunately, the Nets lost the game. It was a disappointing performance from Brooklyn, which the players want to get past. Johnson talked about the performance after the game and gave positives and negatives.

“Too many stretches of the game we let it get away from us. We let the physicality get to us. We did some positive things, but the negatives kinda run the day,” Johnson said after the game. “The pace and sharing the ball, that’s the main thing.”

Brooklyn can benefit from the positives

The Nets have a promising play style under Coach Kevin Ollie, as they’ve become more reliable with ball movement and maximizing each other. Cameron Thomas and Mikal Bridges are still the star players, but they’re not dominant with their touches.

That was the positive part of the game against the Magic, as Brooklyn had solid ball movement, leading to six players scoring in double digits. However, the stats weren’t enough to catch Orlando, who dominated with their physicality.

Coach KO and Cam addressed the lack of physicality, which the Nets must show more. The Nets have some of the most athletic and strong players in the league, the players must keep battling for loose balls and rebounds, embodying the “hunter” playstyle that Coach Ollie is promoting.

The Nets still have a chance to make the Play-In Tournament

While there is a 3.5-game gap between the Nets and Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn still has a chance. It is a slim chance for Coach Ollie’s team, but his players are motivated, and they just need to show it on the court.

Inconsistency has been an issue that the Nets must solve, with only a few games remaining. They hope that the Hawks will keep losing, as they did on Tuesday against the Trail Blazers.

Cam has already detailed that it was a tough loss filled with negatives, but the positives should be a foundation to build on. The Nets want to succeed and need a golden opportunity to capitalize on.