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Cameron Thomas is a skilled scorer who has faced a lot of defensive assignments in his three-year career. However, he struggled against Jrue Holiday, one of the league’s most elite perimeter defenders.

The former LSU Tiger admitted that he struggles most against team-based defensive schemes, but Jrue is a different beast. He is not only a strong guard but also shifty and quick enough to keep up with someone like Cam or an elite guard like Damian Lillard.

“Jrue Holiday, cause he’s disciplined, he’s not gonna go for many fakes. You really have to get in your bag and really get angles on him. You gotta play sound basketball against him,” Cam said to Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes.

What makes Jrue such a challenging defender to play against?

Holiday is the de facto answer for the best perimeter defenders alongside Alex Caruso. The current Celtics starter is a disciplined defender who gauges his assignment’s skill set and strengths. He can contain someone like Lillard, who wants to either slash into the paint using his left hand or step back to shoot a three.

Against Cam, Jrue knows how the 22-year-old loves to isolate, so the veteran makes himself big and uses his 6’7” wingspan to contest the jump shot. Combine that with the relentless swipes, and Holiday is the perfect blend of the rock-solid and annoying defender.

“He’s a one-man coverage unto himself. Whatever you’re trying to do, he can blow it up with his speed, his agility, his strength. Just his size and his competitiveness and then, obviously, he has a great IQ for the game. He sees plays happen before they do. He’s one, two or three steps ahead of it,” Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra said about Holiday.

Cam will continue to grow and beat defenders like Jrue

Since Cam is only three years into his career, he will keep improving as an offensive player. He will keep learning more about how he’s getting guarded and will make adjustments to his play style.

That’s the life of a star offensive player, and Cam is on the right path to becoming one of the best in the league. He already learned from the best, as he’s played with superstars like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden.