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His amazing black afro hair. His emphatic smile. His 6-foot-11 stature.

All things that make the 21-year old Jarrett Allen unlike any other. He's also been a huge part of the Brooklyn Nets success on the basketball court, leading the way with 10.6 rebounds per game to go along with 12 points.

As the kids would say: the west coast San Diego, California native is a "walking double-double".

Although Allen is a few thousand miles from the coastal beaches of Cali, he's making himself quite at home in New York City.

Back on November 25 versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, Allen went off for 22 points, on 9-for-10 shooting from the field, and 21 rebounds.

Allen is also the first player to go 20-20 and shoot 90 percent since his new Nets teammate DeAndre Jordan did it in 2016-17.

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In Kyrie Irving's absence, along with the tremendous point guard lay of Spencer Dinwiddie, among many other contributions, the Nets haven't missed a beat with the 2016 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player off the floor.

He's recorded double-digit rebounds in eight of his last nine games and not including his four-point, 11 rebound performance versus the Miami Heat, Allen has scored 20, 14, 17, 22 and 18 points in those games respectively.

As Brooklyn looks ahead to what the potential of their unit could be once Irving and Kevin Durant return to the squad, Allen could be the big man inside to take them over the top.

In the modern-day NBA, having a center like Allen who is almost guaranteed to give you a double-double, play hard-nosed defense and defend the rim is pivotal.

The 2019-20 season is all about the growth and development of Brooklyn's young pieces. We all know Durant and Irving can and will ball once they return from their injuries. 

It's the other pieces around them that will determine whether this team can be a contender not just for the second round of the postseason, but an NBA championship. 

Jarrett Allen is proving exactly what his potential can be. 

As the catchy YES Network television promo commercials would say, "something special is happening in Brooklyn."