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Lonnie Walker IV entered the 2023/24 season on a minimum contract with the Nets, which he signed in the past summer. It was surprising because most NBA fans recall Walker standing out in the semi-final between the Lakers and Warriors.

Unfortunately, the market was not friendly to Lonnie because he only got a few offers. He signed with the Nets, which was the right decision because he has become a standout bench player. Walker is averaging 11.8 points per game as a reliable sixth man for Coach Jacque Vaughn but still feels he hasn’t found the right landing spot yet.

“I’m on a minimum, so I carry that weight on my shoulders as far as finding a home, playing the right way, and continuing to get better,” Lonnie said after the Nets’ blowout win against the Jazz. 

“Every day, I’m trying to just stay consistent. When I wake up, I meditate, I read, I do this. I’m just not trying to skip any steps. I’m not worried about awards or accolades. My end-all-be-ball is to win. ”

Other teams would want a spark plug off the bench

With his minimum contract expiring after the 2023/24 season, the Nets should re-sign Lonnie to a long-term deal. However, he will command a heftier contract, which can handicap the Nets’ efforts in signing him. That opens the door for other teams to come in and try to snag him because most teams are beginning to appreciate the young guard for his play.

A hot-shooting guard off the bench who does his job and does not complain about his role is a dream for most contenders. Having Walker in the lineup will benefit them because he’s a positive offensive player and a decent defender.

The Nets should re-sign Walker

With potential trades in the coming weeks, Brooklyn can create cap space to sign Walker to a longer deal in the offseason. He has earned that contract with Brooklyn because he is a superb sixth man and is not worried about coming off the bench.

The Nets are looking for more continuity for the team, and with Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, and Cameron Thomas set to stay with the team, it’s best to have more reliable players on the roster.