LeBron James Return Gives Lakers win over Pacers

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Pacers in LeBron James' return to the lineup
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INDIANAPOLIS -- The Los Angeles Lakers (41-30) beat the Indiana Pacers (33-38) 122-115 on Saturday afternoon at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indiana.

The win now has the Lakers tied for the sixth seed in the Western Conference with the Portland Trail Blazers. Getting the sixth seed is crucial as it avoids the play-in tournament.

The Pacers were without Domantas Sabonis, Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon, to name a few of their key players out, and their loss makes them tied with the Washington Wizards for the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference.

In Anthony Davis' return to the lineup, he put up 28 points and ten rebounds, while LeBron James, who returned after nearly two weeks, had 24 points, seven rebounds and eight assists.

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