NBA News: Nets' Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving Status Against Cavs

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden will play on Sunday against the Cavs. UPDATE: Harden is NOW OUT.
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The Brooklyn Nets had their big-three altogether in action last game against the Chicago Bulls, and it appears they will have them again on Sunday against the Cleveland Cavaliers to close out the season. 

UPDATE: James Harden will miss the game due to "injury management" (his status can be seen in a post from FantasyLabs NBA below).

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden have all missed time this season, so they have not been able to play together as much as they'd like before the playoffs start. 

Because of this, there is good reason to have them get some reps in before the playoffs to continue to get the chemistry right as they gear up for their hopeful NBA Finals and maybe even NBA Championship run.

The Nets are 14-point favorites, according to FanDuel.

The status of Durant, Irving and Harden can be seen in a post below from FantasyLabs NBA.

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