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Kyle Lowry is still keeping a close eye on Toronto Raptors games these days.

Just days after Fred VanVleet decided to pack it in during the Raptors' fourth-quarter blowout of the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night instead of chasing what would have been his first career triple-double, Lowry decided to do the same, he said, against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old Miami Heat guard had eight points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds through three quarters against Indiana but with the game getting out of hand, he attempted two fourth-quarter shot attempts, a step back three-pointer and a put-back layup, and when neither went in, he gave up his chase for what would have been his 20th career triple-double.

"Shoutout to Freddy. I decided not to get it because Fred VanVleet didn't get his so I didn't get mine," Lowry said. "So I was like I'm going to keep it, me and Freddy didn't get one."

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Just like VanVleet, Lowry said he didn't want to hunt the milestone, afraid if he did go for those two extra points he might injure himself. 

"It ain't meaningful. I ain't going to break no records, so I don't really care," Lowry said. "It's one of those things where everybody's like 'hey try to get one' then once you don't get it, you don't chase it. I'm not going to chase it. I'm not going to be thirsty for it. I don't care about it. I have enough in my career to be a 6-foot guy. I'm pretty happy with the amount that I have."

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