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Serge Ibaka's Life Set to Become Part of Animated Kids Series

Former Toronto Raptors center Serge Ibaka is set to have his story become part of an animated children's series

Serge Ibaka's life story is the kind you'd only hear about in movies.

The former Toronto Raptors center defied the odds as a child. He overcame the death of his mother and the political persecution of his father, escaped the Republic of Congo, and in 2008 became the first person from the Congo-Brazzaville to be drafted into the NBA. Just over a decade later, he clinched the Larry O'Brien trophy an NBA champion with the Raptors. Now the story is set to become part of an animated children's series, according to Deadline

“I always thought my story could be an inspiration for the younger generations, and I think sharing other athletes’ stories of overcoming on this series will have a big impact,” Ibaka told Deadline. “There is never a straight line to success and many of us have gone through different obstacles that required us to stay motivated and believe in ourselves. If we can inspire just one kid to not give up on their dreams, I’d consider this series a success.”

Ibaka's production team, Ouenzé Entertainment, has partnered with Studio71 to develop help develop the show, Overcoming (working title). Each episode of the show will focus on the biggest challenges some of the world's top athletes have had to overcome.

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Overcoming is an inspiration for kids all around the world to never give up on their dreams, no matter the circumstances or the odds,” Michael Schreiber, President of Scripted Content at Studio71, told Deadline. “Serge Ibaka’s story is the perfect example of this, and we are really excited for people to have a better understanding of what he and other athletes have gone through to achieve their goals. Overcoming will show why athletes like Serge are heroes to people all around the world.”

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