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The Bill Simmons Podcast Believes Suns are in 'Free Fall Mode'

The Ringer podcast, hosted by NBA analyst Bill Simmons, believes the Suns are in for a rude awakening this season.

The Phoenix Suns return majority of a roster that has seen superb success in the last two seasons.

Yet that hasn't been quite enough to quiet what feels like a portion of the NBA world that believes the Suns will fall victim to many of the headlines that attached themselves to the organization in the offseason.

Count NBA analyst Bill Simmons and guest Joe House on "The Bill Simmons Podcast" as some of those people. 

First going through the stone wall that was Deandre Ayton's Media Day, where he gave short answers in a serious tone.

House steered the conversation after going through Ayton's quotes:

"Look, over the course of the summer we were doing some forecasting of how the league might be shaping up ... I think I was pretty early on in there advancing the view: I believe Phoenix is in a fall mode, potentially a free fall mode. I mean I'm on their unders [for their season win total]. Their [projected win] total is already 12 games less than they won last year. It's still too high for me. I don't have them over 50 wins. I think this has all the hallmark makings of an utter and complete disaster, and I commend them for everything that they did last season. It would be hard enough for them, just to get back to the level they were at last season when they were taking care of business. Regular season-wise, after the way they lost in the playoffs? It leaves a mark when you lose that way. It's a confidence-sapper."


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