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ESPN: Does Deandre Ayton Want to Remain in Phoenix?

Does Deandre Ayton want to remain in Phoenix? ESPN discusses in their latest segment.

There's been plenty of talk surrounding Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns since the end of last season.

The rollercoaster ride was thought to be over when Ayton had his offer sheet from the Indiana Pacers matched by Phoenix over the summer, ensuring he would remain the team for at least the beginning of the season. 

The two sides came out after the fact and made their peace publicly after a fiery Game 7 exit spurred controversy between Ayton and the Suns (mostly Monty Williams). 

However, with people still unsure if Ayton is happy in Phoenix and him holding powers to veto any trade for the first year of his deal, are the Suns for sure locked in long term with their big man? 

ESPN's "The Hoop Collective" did a segment on the Suns/Ayton and pondered if Ayton still wants to be in Phoenix:

"I don't know how many trades he would veto," said analyst Tim MacMahon. 

"I don't know how ecstatic Deandre Ayton is about being in Phoenix where he was essentially scapegoated in a Game 7 where the All-Stars no-showed, somehow Deandre Ayton was a scapegoat."

Windhorst interjected and added that the trade restriction is important to recognize, along with the damage that occurred between Ayton and the team. 

MacMahon continued and said Ayton has done everything asked of him since arriving to Phoenix.


"There needs to be some healing in the relationship between the head coach [Monty Williams] and the big man who, to Deandre Ayton's credit, is a No. 1 overall pick who bought in and did [everything asked]. He became a great screener. He became a guy who was locked in as a defensive anchor. He did all the dirty work," MacMahon said. 

Ayton has taken a lot of the brunt for Phoenix's failures, but Windhorst (who adds he knows Ayton just a touch personally) believes his easygoing nature allows him to deflect harsh criticism rather than taking it too personally.

The full video can be found here:

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