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Despite Having No Picks, Suns Open to Moving Into 2022 NBA Draft

The Phoenix Suns aren't set to make a selection on draft night, but that won't stop them from exploring a way to get back into the field.

When the 2022 NBA Draft begins on Thursday, June 23, the Phoenix Suns aren't expected to welcome any new players to the organization. 

Perhaps because they have no picks in either of the two rounds. 

Their first-round selection was packaged in the trade that landed Chris Paul, while their second-round pick was used to snag Torrey Craig. 

Should the Suns stay out of the 60-pick field, it would be the first time since 1998 where Phoenix didn't have any draft picks and just the second time in franchise history with no fresh players selected. 

Phoenix's first-round pick in 1998 (which eventually turned into Tyronn Lue) was traded to the Denver Nuggets the previous year in the deal for Antonio McDyess.

Their second-round pick (which would turn into Greg Buckner) was moved to the Dallas Mavericks in 1996 in the Jason Kidd trade.

Suns general manager James Jones knows all about the importance of the draft. Entering the league as a second-round pick in 2003, he proved himself on the court and played 14 years in the NBA. 

"You know me, I explore all options," said Jones to reporters on Wednesday when asked if he would try to acquire a pick. 

"If there's an opportunity for us to get back in the draft, we will. We're gonna use all avenues to improve whether it's the draft, free agency, summer league. You name it, we'll be looking at it."

Shortly after his playing career, Jones was named the vice president of basketball operations in Phoenix in 2017 and has transitioned into the role of general manager since. 


Time will tell if the Suns are interested in moving back into the draft after foregoing their picks, yet Jones was adamant nothing is off the table when it comes to improving the team. 


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