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Oklahoma City's Lottery Fate to be Decided by Tuesday Tiebreaker

After the OKC Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers tied for the fourth best odds, the NBA will break the deadlock.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s draft odds will be clear by the end of the day.

Finishing 22-50 for the year, the Thunder posted the same record as the Cleveland Cavaliers, meaning the two franchises tied for the fourth best odds in the draft lottery.

That tie will be broken on Tuesday via a good old fashioned coin flip.

Should Oklahoma City win the flip, they will have a 52.5 percent chance for their draft pick to land in the all-important top five, and an 11.5 percent chance for their lottery ball to be pulled for the number one overall pick. The worst case scenario for the fourth place team would be to pick eighth, but the Thunder would have just a 2.4 percent chance to slide all the way to eight.

If OKC loses the flip, they will still have an 11.5 percent chance at the top overall pick, but their odds to land in the top five fall to 47.1 percent. The lowest the Thunder could pick would also drop, as they could fall as far as the ninth overall pick with the fifth best odds.

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The Thunder and the Cavaliers aren’t the only teams who need to break a tie, as Orlando, New Orleans and Sacramento will have to break a tie for the eighth best odds, and Charlotte and San Antonio will have to break a tie for the 11th best odds.

Reports are that the coin flip will take place “early in the afternoon” on Tuesday.


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