Sam Presti is Ready For 'Clarity' on Where the Thunder Will Draft

Ahead of Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery, Oklahoma City General Manager Sam Presti is just ready for the night to be over.
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Sam Presti is not looking forward to Tuesday night’s pomp and circumstance.

Ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery, the Oklahoma City Thunder General Manager just wants one thing — to finally know where his franchise will be drafting.

“What I’m really looking forward too is just getting the order,” Presti said in a Zoom press conference ahead of the NBA Draft Lottery. “That’s the thing I’m most excited about. I’m not really one for the suspense or the made for TV drama.”

Presti will get his wish at 7:30 p.m. CT on ESPN, when all will be revealed with the draft lottery.

Once the draft order is decided, Presti said he can finally start to formulate a plan for July’s NBA Draft.

“Depending on where you’re drafting, the access to the players changes,” Presti said. “It’s really hard for us right now because agents are generally waiting to find out where everybody’s picking and things don’t usually take off until after the combine anyway.

“Nothing really changes for us other than gaining clarity tonight… we still have a ton of work to do.”

Thankfully for Presti, the Draft Lottery Show has traditionally moved pretty quickly, and he shouldn’t have to wait long to learn the Thunder’s fate.


But that doesn’t mean he’s put any more weight on tonight’s events, as he has no control over the outcome.

“This is all random. It’s like rolling the dice,” Presti said. “We have to remember that the role of luck, the role of chance is not a singular thing. So as they say, luck favors the persistent.”