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With Steph Curry struggling, the Golden State Warriors needed a boost from someone else. Despite his own shot not falling, Andrew Wiggins stepped up and provided exactly that. The first-time All-Star has been a key contributor all postseason long, but this latest performance may have been his best. Despite going 0/6 from deep, Wiggins finished with 26 points and 13 rebounds on 52% from the field.

"Just attacking the rim," Wiggins said when asked what his approach was. "That was my mindset, to stay aggressive, to stay attacking." With his shot not falling from distance, this approached served Wiggins well, as he was able to punish the Celtics in the paint, capping off his performance with an emphatic dunk in the final minutes of the game.

On the message he was trying to send with that dunk, Wiggins said, "We're here. We're here and we're hungry. We want this. The team that wants it the most is gonna get it, and we want it."

"I'm just trying to do every little thing to win," Wiggins said. "If I gotta score, rebound, defend, anything I'm asked to do on the court to help win I'm gonna do." After having a label in Minnesota that indicated the contrary mindset, Wiggins has been able to show the world exactly who he is, which is a winning player. One more win, and he will be an NBA champion.

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