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Wizards Have Scrappy Players But Do They Have A True Mamba Mentality?

Inside the Wizards Managing Editor Candi Waller checked in with her staff for some Q&A to get their perspectives on the Wizards season so far. Up first, is Tyrone Montgomery Jr with his thoughts on the Wizards almost 20 games in.

What is your current assessment of the Wizards?

My current assessment of the Wizards is a C+. They’re a team that has a lot of talent and enough talent to be successful in the East. Kyle Kuzma is becoming a star. Kristaps Porzingis is looking like himself again. Bradley Beal is being Bradley Beal. However, something is missing and they’re still trying to figure that out.

Which player(s) has/have been a surprise (pleasant or need for improvement) so far this season and why?

Corey Kispert. He’s a scrappy player. One that’s willing to get his hands dirty. Tough as nails too. One thing that impresses me is how efficient he is and how he isn’t one to demand the ball or pout. He just goes out and plays hard the whole game.

What are some of the challenges you've seen with the team in their first (close to) 20 games?

There’s a lack of having that killer instinct here. Nobody has that Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality. The Wizards don’t have a dog on their roster. If they did, perhaps all the games where the opposing stars were out would have been a bit easier for them. The other thing is the obvious; their perimeter defense could use some work too.

What has been the favorite(s) player match-up (Wizards player vs Opposing Team player) so far?

Kyle Kuzma vs. everyone on the Dallas Mavericks team. Honestly, they don’t have anyone that matches up well with him. Kuzma is almost like a miniature version of LeBron James. They both are 6’9 and around the same weight. They both are very versatile and do similar things on the floor. Now Kuzma isn’t the playmaker Lebron is (yet) but Kuzma said something that is true. The Wizards need to run the offense through him more.

What are the upcoming games you are looking forward to?

There’s a game at Sacramento next month a little before Christmas. The Kings are balling! They are scoring with the best of them this season and Mike Brown is a defensive minded coach. That game will be a good chest match test for Wes Unseld Jr.