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Wizards First In The East In This Statistic

Wizards Found Themselves First In East With This Stat

In the world we live in today, everyone wants to be first. You see it when you’re on the road. That moment may be on the highway when you’re on your way to work. No one never wants to let you in the lane you’re aiming to get into. Everyone is driving fast. Everyone wants to be first on the road.

Sometimes you even see it in the sports media world. Everyone wants to be the first to break a story. In their efforts to be first, they sometimes find themselves presenting false information when trying to always be first. It is a sad world to say the least.

It is a sad world for the Washington Wizards too. This season has been challenging. However, it may pay out in the long run for them once the NBA Draft starts. The Wizards are the first team in the NBA to be eliminated from the NBA playoffs this season.

No doubt, this isn’t good news or anything to feel good or proud about. The Wizards can thank the month of February for becoming the first team to be eliminated from playoff contention. They simply have a lot of holes to fill. Getting the number one overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft will be huge for this team. The ultimate question that comes to mind is should they keep the pick or trade it.

The promotion of Wes Unseld Jr into the front office role plays a part in this as well. He has been the man and voice behind the Wizards for years now. At this time, the Wizards are adjusting to life with Brian Keefe as the Interim Head Coach.

Additionally, Kyle Kuzma and Jordan Poole are still trying to figure things out as well. They are trying to figure out and learn how to be leaders both on and off the court, go to guys in clutch situations, and new roles rather it’s being a clear number one option such as Kyle Kuzma or a sixth man such as Jordan Poole. Either way, the Wizards are simply playing the rest of the season with nothing to play for at this time as they figure things out for their future.