By Chris Burke
March 01, 2013
Sharrif Floyd had 46 tackles and three sacks in 2012, wowing scouts at the combine with his versatility.
Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports

Cards on the table, I expected there to be some seismic shakeups between Big Board 2.0 and 3.0, because: a) the combine presented a chance to see these guys up close; and b) my personal intake of prospects' game films increased exponentially after the Super Bowl.

Instead, I'm more convinced now than ever that the top 15 or so players in this draft are pretty set in stone ... and that Round 2 and beyond will be fascinating, due to an extremely high number of comparable prospects.

That's not to say that everyone stayed put -- there definitely were some guys on the move, either up or down, for Big Board 3.0, plus the addition of a few new faces.

And, as always, I offer the reminder that this is a ranking of the top 40 prospects, not necessarily a guess at where they'll be selected come the draft. You can read my rationale for some key decisions in this edition of the Big Board.

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