March 06, 2013
Mike Wallace was the first overall pick in the Free Agent Fantasy Draft.
Joe Howell/AP

With free agency set to begin Tuesday, NFL experts Peter King, Chris Burke, Andrew Perloff and Tom Mantzouranis sat down with one mission: to draft teams out of the available free agents.

The rules were simple: it was a snake draft format, every starting position had to be filled, and restricted free agents were off limits. Each expert had to choose whether his team would play a 4-3 or 3-4 defense, and whether they were going to play three receivers or two with a fullback. Everything else was open to how each person wanted to build his team.

Below, you can see the complete draft results, as well as click to view the individual teams, complete with that expert's take on his team.

Don't forget to vote on who drafted the best squad, or weigh in by tweeting the experts.

INSIDE EACH TEAM: King | Burke | Perloff | Mantzouranis

FOLLOW THE EXPERTS: King | Burke | Perloff | Mantzouranis


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