Rex Ryan's words on Darrelle Revis ring hollow as situation drags on

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Which uniform will Darrelle Revis be wearing when the smoke clears this offseason? (David Drapkin/AP)

Darrelle Revis Jets rumors

During February's NFL combine in Indianapolis, the New York Jets reportedly asked just about anyone who would listen if they were interested in trading for Darrelle Revis. I'm pretty sure, at one point, new GM John Idzik had a deal in place to send Revis to the NFL Network for Leon Sandcastle and some old NFL Films tapes.

So, the comments made recently by Idzik and Jets coach Rex Ryan concerning Revis' situation are, at the very least, somewhat duplicitous.

"I know for a fact that we're not actively trying to trade Darrelle Revis," Ryan said, according to the New York Post's Bart Hubbach. "But if somebody calls, you listen."

That more or less echoes the comments of owner Woody Johnson -- "If somebody wants to make an offer to one of our players, you have to listen," he told's Ian Rapoport -- while falling short of Izdik's proclamation that "I expect Revis to be a member of the New York Jets."

To sum it all up, this is basically the Jets trying to a little damage control. Of course, all things being equal, they'd love to keep Revis in tow for 2013. He's one of the most dominant defenders in the league when he's healthy and Ryan certainly could use him in what amounts to a make-or-break year.

And the trade market has gone cold lately, too, with the Buccaneers reportedly balking at the Jets' reported asking price, which included the No. 13 overall pick in this year's draft. The Jets can blame the free-agent market for that, as Revis' supposed demands of $12 million-plus per season are out of whack with the $5-$6 million average a host of cornerbacks just received.

Given all that, what else would the Jets' head honchos say? That they desperately want to trade Revis? That it'd be in the best interest of the two sides to move on?

Not only would that lower the haul New York could get in a trade, it would risk further alienating Revis in the event that no team steps up to the plate. Which leaves the Jets stuck between a rock and a hard place, right where they've been since the start of the offseason (and probably longer).

They'd love to trade Revis if the alternative is to lose him in free agency next offseason. But they also likely recognize how much worse off the 2013 Jets will be without their top cornerback.