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Guest MMQB: Chris Kluwe on life cycle of an NFL player, Hall changes

Chris Kluwe signed with the Raiders this offseason after eight years punting for the Vikings.

Chris Kluwe signed with the Raiders this offseason after eight years punting for the Vikings.

Ten Things I Think I Think I Know I Think I Know I Think

1. I think that this part is going to be tangentially about football, if at all, because there are so many other things in life than sports. I know people don't want to hear that, and just want to zone out, but if all you worry about is sports then you're going to miss out on a lot of great things in this world (as well as a lot of crappy things that need fixing). It's extremely possible to both follow sports and also be knowledgeable about the current state of the world, just like it's extremely possible to both play sports and have interests outside your job. Anyone who thinks someone should focus on their job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is certifiably insane and should not be in charge of making any decisions ever. Sorry. I'm sure you'll get over it.

B. I think that to do anything well, however, you have to put in the time and practice. So many people think they can just show up and do something, and immediately be great at it. NOPE. The three and a half hours you see on Sunday shows you nothing of the time spent in the years leading up this point in a player's life. Remember that the next time your favorite receiver drops a pass, or a linebacker misses a tackle. Odds are, they've put in literally thousands of hours of their lives to get to where they are now, and they're probably more upset about it than you are. Relax.

TRES. I think some people skate by on natural talent as long as they can, and never realize they should have put the time in to get better. You can yell at those people, but gently. We should discourage laziness, but there's no need to get overtly hostile about it.

IV. I think most people are lazy swearers. There's an art to good swearing, a flow, and most folks never take the time to learn. Sometimes a quick four-letter burst is appropriate, but if you actually educate yourself, you can have a lot more fun. So start practicing.

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five. I think the editor might have censored that previous entry in between the time I submitted it and it actually got posted to the site. (Editor's Note: Yup!)

522/87. I think good editors are a lot like good coaches and good teachers. They take the hidden roughness lurking inside of us and polish it until it shines, make us greater than we ever thought we could be, and frequently aren't recognized for their efforts. Go hug an editor. (Editor's Note: Yup!)

Se7en. I think bad editors, coaches and teachers can piss right off and get squashed by an incontinent camel, because all they do is grind you down with incessant screaming and bullying until there's nothing left but dust. Eff those people.

octo. I think bullying is a serious problem in the culture of athletics, and we need to be doing more to prevent it from happening. It's very easy to scar a child for life, and if we want a healthy society we need to stamp out bullying wherever possible. Kids, if you see someone being a bully, whether they're an adult or another child, say something. Adults, do something about it.

.......... I think some people may not realize when they're bullying someone. Here's a hint -- if you wouldn't like someone doing to you what you're doing to them, you're being a bully. Grow up and develop some empathy.

x. I think you should get back to work before your boss fires you. You have three cats and a slightly used silicone toy at home to provide for, and you know they'll never survive out on the streets. THINK OF YOUR CHILDREN.