Tony Romo reportedly a full-go for Dallas Cowboys training camp

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Tony Romo signed a six-year contract extension with the Cowboys in March. (Greg Nelson/SI)

Tony Romo signed a six-year contract extension with Dallas Cowboys in March.

As expected, it appears that Tony Romo will be a full participant for Cowboys training camp, which opens this weekend. ESPN's Calvin Watkins reported that Romo has been cleared for practice by the Cowboys' medical staff, three months after the Dallas QB underwent a procedure to remove a non-cancerous cyst from his back.

The real surprise here would have been if Romo's return had been delayed. Both he and the Cowboys had maintained all along that the surgery was relatively minor, and that Romo would be ready come late July.

The Cowboys recommitted to their 33-year-old starter in March, with six-year, $108 million contract extension (including $55 million guaranteed) that pushed Romo's contract through 2019. Romo received that lucrative deal despite a 17-21 record over the past three seasons and back-to-back years ending with a Week 17 loss that cost Dallas a division title.

Statistically, Romo ranked near the top of the charts in a number of categories last season, including completion percentage (4th), passing yards (3rd), TD passes (6th) and completions (2nd).

Though his ranking among current NFL starting quarterbacks continues to be a hotly-debated topic, year in and year out, the Cowboys have never wavered in their support of him. Having Romo ready in time for camp ought to ease any concerns Dallas had -- if it had any -- about its franchise QB's status for the start of the regular season.

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