By Don Banks
February 27, 2014
Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 53 touchdowns and 5,050 yards -- with just nine interceptions -- last year.
Chris Anderson/Icon SMI

"The comparison will be drawn between he and [Fresno State's Derek] Carr, and that's a pretty good comparison,'' Polian said. "I think he'll come out of the scouting process in pretty darn good shape. In my mind, it's Carr and him, and then the question is, 'Who's the best of the rest?'''

Plenty of eyes will be watching. League sources say quarterback-needy teams like Houston, Jacksonville, Minnesota have shown sustained interest in Garoppolo thus far this winter, and many if not all of the clubs seeking passers are expected to attend his pro day. Another impressive showing there, and Garoppolo's draft stock could continue its rapid ascent. There's still a long way to go before the picking starts, but you'll know he's arrived if the likes of Jaworski, Simms and Switzer start taking aim.

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