By Don Banks
May 14, 2014
The NFL will discuss the site and date of the 2015 NFL draft at its spring owners' meeting in Atlanta.
Gregory Payan/AP

Radio City Music Hall is not out of the picture for next year's draft, and the NFL holds an option to have the event there for a 10th consecutive year. But the league does not want its draft affected by the scheduling conflict that arose last year, when the league pushed the event back two weeks -- to May 8-10 -- ostensibly in reaction to Radio City's plans for a new spring show featuring the Rockettes. That show subsequently was cancelled in March due to a lack of ticket sales, but the NFL has been informed that Radio City intends to try to put on the show again in 2015. The league has not made a decision on whether to move the draft back into April as it has been traditionally held, or remain in May, possibly at an even later date.

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