On The Experts Network’s NFL draft show on Tuesday, Boomer Esiason commended Roger Goodell as a job well done as commissioner.

By SI Wire
April 27, 2016

On The Experts Network’s NFL draft show on Tuesday, Boomer Esiason commended Roger Goodell as a job well done as commissioner.

“From where I sit, right now, he gets an ‘A’,” Easiason said, when asked to grade the commissioner. “He gets an ‘A’ because of the most important aspect of his job, and that is the growth of the game, and to make more money for the owners who employ him.

He argued that on this scale, Goodell has been one of the greatest men to run the league in its history.

“You can not deny that not only is he doing his job, but he’s doing his job about as well as anyone ever has.”

Goodell, 57, assumed office in 2006 and has been at the center of much controversy due to disciplinary decisions he’s made.

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