Miami Dolphins draftee Laremy Tunsil will not have to enter the NFL’s substance-abuse program.

By SI Wire
May 02, 2016

Miami Dolphins rookie Laremy Tunsil will not have to enter the NFL’s substance-abuse program, reports ESPN’s James Walker.

Shortly before the start of the NFL draft, a video was posted by a hacker on Tunsil’s Twitter account showing the draft pick smoking from a bong through a gas mask. Both the Dolphins and Tunsil say the video is two years old. 

The NFL has a “behavior” clause that allows the league to place rookies, even those who have not failed a drug test, into the substance-abuse program.

The league will still monitor Tunsil, according to the report.

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The Dolphins drafted the Ole Miss tackle No. 13 overall in the first round of the draft.

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