Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Darryl Drake has done a tremendous job at guiding Arizona Cardinals receivers through the team's exacting and precise offense. 

June 07, 2016

Drake works under colorful play-caller Bruce Arians, which means that he (like most of Arizona’s offensive assistants) doesn’t get the recognition he deserves from the public. But someone’s got to guide the team’s receivers though that exacting and precise offense, which often gives younger receivers a greatly expanded diet of route concepts and overall schematic understanding. In addition, it’s a must that every Cardinals receiver must block, and Drake is in charge of that, as well. He also developed multiple receivers with the Bears from 2004 through 2012, despite a passing game that could charitably be called limited most of the time, and  before that, he spent over two decades in the college ranks, tutoring such future NFL receivers as Roy Williams and Hines Ward. 

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