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Jimmy Garoppolo is Unsure of What he Said in Viral Lip-Reading Video

Apparently Jimmy Garoppolo cannot read his own lips, so he can neither confirm nor deny his words in the viral lip-reading video from the 49ers loss to Denver.

The "Your plays suck man" video has been the topic of discussion with Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers all week long. 

On Thursday at his press conference, Garoppolo was questioned to give his clarification on what exactly was said in the viral lip-reading video against the Broncos on Sunday night.

"I don't know. I can't read lips," said Garoppolo. "I'm sure I've said a lot worse things on the field than that, so I'm glad they caught that rather than something else, but I'm not sure exactly what I was saying, but it is what it is."

I'm going to call shenanigans on this from Garoppolo. I believe he totally knows what he said and now I believe that he actually did say "your plays suck man" in the video. Initially, I wanted to give Kyle Shanahan and Garoppolo the chance to speak on it before deciding/interpreting on what was said. But now I feel confident Garoppolo definitely said it. He claims he "can't read lips" but it is literally himself saying it. Anyone buying that has to be the most gullible person.

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"You say a lot of things in the heat of battle that I hope people don't hear," said Garoppolo on potential friction with Kyle Shanahan. "Me and Kyle are cool. We really are. We've been through a lot of different types of seasons, this being no different. But we're early on in the season still, so we gotta as a team find our identity. Me and Kyle, obviously keep working and getting on the same page more and more. But we've been through this before and it's a long process."

In defense on Garoppolo, the football field is an extremely emotional place to be when the game is ongoing. I don't really blame him for mouthing out his frustrations like that because while he played a major role in the loss to the Broncos, Shanahan isn't absolved of blame in the loss either. 

I'm going to short the narrative that there is any legitimate friction between Garoppolo and Shanahan. People get upset with each other when things aren't going right. And the fact that Garoppolo wasn't supposed to be back with the 49ers this year and likely has no future here, it makes more sense why he is wearing his emotions on his sleeve now. 

Even his comments about wanting more "freedom" to push the ball down the field and whatnot was revealing. Garoppolo can do whatever he wants. His job is not in jeopardy no matter what he says about Shanahan because he knows they need him to make the playoffs. It is barely about to be Week 4, and already the 49ers are showing some light smoke from their side. 

Something tells me that this type of situation will not be the last we see or hear of from this team, especially if the losses continue.