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Reporter Clarifies Statement that 49ers are "Continually Underwhelmed" by Trey Lance

Here my top five takeaways from Lombardo's statement.

People love to act like they know secrets about the 49ers' young quarterback.

This week, Matt Lombardo said he heard the 49ers have been "continually underwhlemed" by Trey Lance. So yesterday, he went on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco 49ers to clarify his report:

"This all stems from a conversation that I had with an executive who's pretty tight with people within the 49ers organization. Then following up with a couple of members of the coaching staff. The feeling around San Francisco dating back to last summer during training camp was a little bit of disappointment over the Trey Lance that arrived in training camp versus what they saw on film at North Dakota State from an arm-strength standpoint and from a deep-ball-accuracy standpoint.

"And then you look at when he got into games this season, he didn't exactly set the world on fire. Now, I know he had the injury, I know that he was a rookie and it certainly takes time for NFL quarterbacks to develop, but the 49ers gave up a lot to get Trey Lance. And the questions that I keep hearing about the deep-ball accuracy and the arm strength in practice, some whispers about how quickly he is understanding the playbook, and all of those things, the general vibe is this might not have been what the 49ers hoped they were getting when they gave up all that draft capital last year to go and get him."

Here my top five takeaways from Lombardo's statement:

1. It's essentially second-hand hearsay from an executive "who's pretty tight" with the 49ers.

2. It's old news about last year's training camp.

3. Neither Lombardo nor the executive ever saw Lance in training camp. I watched him every day.

4. Lombardo said the executive heard that Trey Lance's arm wasn't as strong as advertised. This is absurd. Lance throws the ball very hard. If anything, he needs to throw it softer.

5. The quarterback Lombardo and the executive seem to be describing -- one lacking arm strength, deep ball accuracy and an understanding of the playbook -- is Jimmy Garoppolo, not Lance. 

Maybe the executive overheard a conversation about Garoppolo and got mixed up.