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Should the 49ers Bring Back Frank Gore?

Frank Gore wants to play for the 49ers one more time.

Frank Gore wants to play for the 49ers one more time.

The 49ers legend made this clear Friday on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco. "I would come back in a heartbeat," Gore said. "I would love to wear that No. 21 jersey one more time. If that was to happen, that definitely would be my last year. You've got to tell Jed and Kyle to bring me back."

When I first heard what Gore said, I admit I was down on the idea of the 49ers bringing him back for a few reasons.

1. He turns 38 in May.

2. He averaged only 3.5 yards per carry last season.

3. His longest run of 2020 was a mere 17 yards.

4. He's not as good as Raheem Mostert or Jeff Wilson Jr.

5. He turns 38 in May.

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Seems to me the 49ers should continue signing and developing undrafted free agent running backs, because they've had success doing just that.

But as I made my case on Twitter, 49ers legend Joe Staley jumped in and wrote, "Grant. Just Stop."

Staley is older and wiser than me, and he made me think. Was I being too negative? Perhaps.

What's the harm in the 49ers signing Gore to a veteran's minimum deal to be the third-string running back? If he wants to be a backup's backup, wonderful.

And let's not stop there. If the Washington Football Team releases Alex Smith, maybe the 49ers can make him their third-string quarterback. Why not?

And if the 49ers bring back Smith and Gore, then Staley has to come back, too. Because the 49ers need him much more than they need the other two. Staley still can play if he gains weight. He could replace Mike McGlinchey at right tackle and instantly upgrade the worst offensive line in the NFL.

So, yes, bring back Gore. But only if Staley comes back, too.

What do you say, Joe?