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The Ideal "Big Splash" Free Agent Signing for the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have at least one "big splash" free agent signing every year.

The San Francisco 49ers have at least one "big splash" free agent signing every year.

Javon Hargrave was it last year, and in 2022 it was Charvarius Ward. Both have proven to be adequate starters for the 49ers. Surely, they will find their ideal "big splash" again during this free agency period.

However, it'll be tough given the salary cap constraints the 49ers have. They aren't in the best situation to pursue a big name with competition. But that doesn't mean they can't configure a deal to make it work with a player. It'll take some serious maneuvering with the numbers, but they can possibly get it done.

Should they be committed to it, then their ideal "big splash" free agent signing has to be pass rusher Danielle Hunter. The 49ers really need an impact edge rusher opposite of Nick Bosa. They have been trying to find Dee Ford's replacement for the last three years now and it hasn't worked. 

Drake Jackson flopped, Chase Young isn't it, and Randy Gregory is a role player. What the 49ers haven't tried yet is free agency. Hunter is that guy who can address that position of need on a grand scale. He is a monstrous pass rusher who will make the 49ers' defense unfair. He tallied 16.5 sacks last season as the lead guy for the Minnesota Vikings. 

Just imagine how dangerous he'd be as the No. 2 to Bosa. Signing him, however, could be a pipe dream. He is going to cost an absurd amount of money that I'm not sure the 49ers can afford or will want to commit to. The fact that he is a free agent will only drive up his price more with competing offers from other teams.

Still, that doesn't mean they should not try. Another impactful edge rushers will do wonders for the 49ers and give their overall pass rush the boost they've been seeking for a while now.