By Jack Jorgensen
May 22, 2014

Washington Redskins WR DeSean Jackson: My Eagles teammates loved me No longer an Eagle, DeSean Jackson will relish playing his former team twice a year. (Stefano Paltera/AP)

The Philadelphia Eagles made one of the boldest moves this offseason when they released six-year veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who was coming off the best season of his career, catching 82 balls for 1,332 yards with nine touchdowns. Coach Chip Kelly said the move was entirely for football reasons, but that didn't stop people from speculating that perhaps it had something to do with Jackson's alleged gang ties. Others wondered if teammates just didn't like Jackson.

He recently refuted those claims and went a step further.

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In an interview with DJ Skee, via the Washington Post, Jackson said his Eagles teammates loved having him around, but added that some won't admit it because they're scared of receiving the ax from management themselves.

“Everybody in the locker room loved me, you feel me?” Jackson went on. “I’m gonna put it on the line just how they gonna put it; I’m gonna put it on the line for them too. So it’s like, I know who my real homies are. The real homies stepped up. My boy LeSean McCoy, one of the best running backs in the NFL, he stepped up, he said some real stuff. But in this league bro, a lot of people are scared and afraid to speak up, because they feel like they’re gonna be the next one cut. They feel like they’re gonna be the next one cut. So the ones that really did step up and speak up, I salute all of them.

So in regards to his former Eagles teammates, it seems as if Jackson is pulling the "either you're with me or you're against me" card, especially given the way that he specifically mentioned McCoy sticking up for him.

The good news for Jackson is he'll get to take out any aggression he has against his former team, and those who didn't "speak up," twice a year, beginning with the first Washington-Philadelphia showdown on Sept. 21.

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