Caleb Williams Already Winning Over Bears Fans on Social Media

Analysis: Caleb Williams and social media seem like a perfect mix for Bears fans but is the organization ready for this?
Caleb Williams is a QB the fans can get behind and relate to, but will the Bears let it all happen?
Caleb Williams is a QB the fans can get behind and relate to, but will the Bears let it all happen? / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
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Besides being one of the more talented quarterbacks the Bears have ever drafted, Caleb Williams might be the one with the most personality—at least after he actually becomes a Chicago QB on draft da.

That's saying a lot after Jim McMahon's run to the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XX.

At least Williams would be the one who most reflects his personality over social media and engages fans. This much can't be disputed, for better or worse.

Williams already has caused a ripple by refuting charges by ESPN analyst Eric McElroy on social media.

It's just not common for a Bears quarterback to get on social media and fire off some clever comments answering criticism. Perhaps Jay Cutler could have been far more popular if he'd mastered this.

On Saturday, Williams engaged in some laughable moments over a tweeted fake video of him dancing. One also was done of team board chairman George McCaskey.

There also was another back-and-forth over his fashion statements, entirely done tongue in cheek by Williams. This one was about what he'll be wearing at the draft announcements when commissioner Roger Goodell calls his name.

His pink phone and painted nails had been the object of discussion last week and he responded to comments then.

Perhaps it's all because he's not currently involved in learning an offense and later will be busy, but maybe not. He has always been a social media voice and has 133.4K followers @CALEBcsw.

The problem with all of this is what the team wants from a quarterback. They no doubt prefer limited player involvement in this manner.

Justin Fields always chose his social media participation very carefully. Such things can be a distraction, is their view.

It all brings back the memory of Mitchell Trubisky saying the team should turn off all the TVs at Halas Hall to keep all the negativity away.

There's nothing wrong with quarterbacks loving to be closer to the fans. Fields actually did it by signing a lot of autographs instead of being involved in back-and-forths with them on Twitter or "X," or posting things on Instagram.

Williams will bring definite change in the way the passing game has been viewed by one of the NFL's oldest organizations.

And he has made it apparent this might be a new era for Bears quarterbacks in another way.

Fields left as a massively popular quarterback. If Williams comes in and relates like this with fans throughout his time in Chicago, he'll have little problem quickly establishing or even passing Fields' popularity.

Maybe he could even succeed in loosening things up at Halas Hall enough that McCaskey even decides to let the HBO Hard Knocks cameras in the building.

Or not.

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