Does it Matter if Bears Are All in on Deshaun Watson?

Analysis: Reality takes a back seat to fantasy when people in Chicago begin to think about the chance of Deshaun Watson playing in the Windy City for their beloved Bears.
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Matt Nagy's relationship with ESPN analyst Louis Riddick goes back a ways to their days together in Philadelphia during the Andy Reid regime.

For some reason, Riddick won't get off of the idea of Deshaun Watson coming to the Bears and maybe it has to do with him knowing Watson or simply he's just looking at a franchised starved for a good quarterback.

Riddick picked the Bears to win the Super Bowl in the past, you can see where he's coming from on this.

This all started with a comment last month.

"I can tell you this, Matt Nagy loves Deshaun Watson," Riddick said. "I know he loves Watson. You think right now he isn't trying to figure out a way to get in the mix for that discussion. I guarantee you he is. I guarantee. Guarantee."

This served to fire up desperate Bears masses who would love to see Watson in Chicago.

Who wouldn't want this? That's the problem.

Riddick seems to like doing this, he also said the Bears should be "all in" on Watson. During a radio spot with ESPN's Mike Greenberg, he fostered this fantasy talk again.

"If I'm going to go all in, that's the team that should go all in," Riddick said. "And I wouldn't be surprised if they do."

This is a fun, popular theory. It's completely silly and unrealistic.

Reality is that going "all in" is just a phrase. It means nothing. What actually speaks to the Houston Texans is draft picks, as many and as high in the process as possible.

Everyone is "all in" on acquiring Watson. Why would a team be "halfway in" on Watson? There is no such thing as halfway in because it gets you nothing.

Guess who else is "all in?"

The Carolina Panthers are for one. They're already taking action.

The Denver Broncos are all in on Deshaun Watson

The Miami Dolphins are all in on Deshaun Watson

It's easy to keep naming them. The 49ers, the Patriots, the Raiders, the Falcons and even the Washington Football Team have better draft picks to offer than the Bears.

One thing not heard but which should cause people to pause and consider, is Jacksonville has the first, the 25th, the 33rd and 45th picks this year. They're going to take Trevor Lawrence though at No. 1.

Let's see, do you want Trevor Lawrence, who is 22, hasn't taken a snap in the NFL but everyone is sure is a can't miss? Or would you want Deshaun Watson, who is four years older on opening day in 2021, is a proven superstar and doesn't have to go through growing pains. He could turn around a team in an instant. But you'd rather have Lawrence because first-round draft picks never miss.

If it's me and I'm Jacksonville, I've got the Texans on speed dial.

The Jets have the second, 23rd and 34th pick. The Dolphins have the third, 18th, 36th and 50th picks.

But the Bears have the 20th and 52nd picks and the Texans are going to trade with them? Whoop-tee-doo.

The Bears could offer future first-round picks. 


Guess what? At last glance there are 31 other teams who will draft next year too. Those first-round picks in the future are worth les because no one knows what they are. What if you won the Super Bowl or made the conference title game? That's a very late first-round pick for the Texans.

The Texans haven't even said they're trading Watson yet, anyway.

If they do, they want actual things of value, not the 20th pick and 52nd pick.

It doesn't want someone coming hat in hand saying "please sir, trade with us instead because we're the Bears and Louis Riddick said we should be all in and we are."

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